One of my favorite bands from Munich 🙂

A lecture on why we need meaning in life and how it relates to our psychological needs. As always: When I am looking for answers – Alan Watts is there to offer his wisdom 🙂

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I only recently stumbled across Mark Manson’s website (props to Hanne for showing me). He writes about the human condition in a very very funny and helpful way. Check out his latest article.

Alan Wilson Watts was born in Chislehurst, Kent, England on January 6th in 1915. To celebrate my beloved teacher I am sharing one of my favorite videos of his – “Work As Play”. Enjoy!

What is freedom? In this lecture Swami Tattvavidananda Saraswathi explains the difference between freedom and choices. He elaborates on Yama and Niyama, Ahimsa and other aspects of Yoga.

I love this – #pretty things make me happy!

Eye-Candy of the day: snow covered mountain tops. Check out the blog “Nature Has No Boss”! Our planet is sooo beautiful and this blogger is doing his best to document it – keep up the good work!

nature has no boss

Winter Light 2

Dawn light and wintery peaks captured with the old black Holga. Getting up early isn’t all that bad sometimes.

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Really – you might say: A Hollywood roundtable on a blog about spirituality. Yes! I have posted numerous artcles on artists who inspire me and especially interviews and conversatiion among creative people who actually follow their passions in life. The true artists teach us something about life and this year’s nominated movies do just that. In this Oscars roundtable the nominated directors talk about their craft, how to keep an environment for creativity and what it means to be a director – the art of story-telling discussed from a filmmakers point of view. Anyone who works in a creative job knows how hard it is to work in a team sometimes.

So be inspired and learn from the best. I can recommend all the roundtables by the Holywood Reporter. Listening to all these accomlished artists, directors, actors, composers and cinematogrpahers is like a therapy session for anyone who ever was in doubt about themselves and their passion. BE INSPIRED!

Gene Roddenberry

Creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry


It is a shame that most people have no idea who Gene Roddenberry is. The creator of Star Trek was one of the first and greatest human rights advocates, fighting for equal rights along race and gender lines. Not only did the first kiss on TV between a black woman (Uhura) and a white man (Captain Kirk) happen in a Star Trek episode of all things. Even The Next Generation Series adressed Gay rights and gender issues head on. I truly cannot say enough about this television series – it gave me hope that there might be some normal people out there who believe in the good, in getting along with each other and in respecting, even admiring people in their differences. “Infinite Diversity in Infinite combinations” was Roddenberry’s credo.

Out of all the spiritual teachers that have been featured on this blog Gene Roddenberry has influenced me the most, in how I view myself as a citizen of the world rather than belong to any one nationality. I modeled my travel philosophy in accord with Gene Roddenberry’s. If you are out seeking aliens you need a code of behavior:

“As a traveler you are just a visitor at that place and in that particular time. As a traveler it no longer crushes you that this world is not always fair, agreeable or understandable. Your passport allows you to fix what you can and to refuse to take part in ugliness. And you are delighted that it is such a colorful and exciting place. As a traveler you are not here to judge, but to experience. You begin to feel a new affection for people. You are no longer threatened that someone might be greater or lesser than you. It is only important that you have been given this marvelous opportunity to enjoy this trip and to learn from it. The loveliness about things is not their sameness but their infinite variety.” 


In his last interview Maurice Sendak, famous illustrator and children’s book author (“Where the wild things are”) reflects on life and the love for his work. Note to myself: I need to get a dog when I grow up.