I listen to the Howard Stern Show religiously – that being said, I don’t take religion serious 🙂 Stern is the “King of all Media” but most importantly the best interviewer in the business. I can recommend all his interviews. If you have enjoyed this one listen to Howard’s interview with Michael J. Fox – they discuss Parkinsons and fame, what matters in life – these conversations will touch you , I am sure of it. Start off with this interview with singer/songwriter Donovan – one of the first bohemians of the 60ies. He was a true student of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Like Howard Stern, Donovan is a true believer in Transcendental Meditation. He accompanied The Beatles to study with Sri Ramana Maharshi in India, where they meditated for hours in the jungle. Donovan has an amazing knowledge of his craft, aswell as the history of music – truly enlightening. Enjoy 🙂