Really – you might say: A Hollywood roundtable on a blog about spirituality. Yes! I have posted numerous artcles on artists who inspire me and especially interviews and conversatiion among creative people who actually follow their passions in life. The true artists teach us something about life and this year’s nominated movies do just that. In this Oscars roundtable the nominated directors talk about their craft, how to keep an environment for creativity and what it means to be a director – the art of story-telling discussed from a filmmakers point of view. Anyone who works in a creative job knows how hard it is to work in a team sometimes.

So be inspired and learn from the best. I can recommend all the roundtables by the Holywood Reporter. Listening to all these accomlished artists, directors, actors, composers and cinematogrpahers is like a therapy session for anyone who ever was in doubt about themselves and their passion. BE INSPIRED!