Why – oh Why?
What is life? Why am I here? Who am I? AND what the f$%k is going on? I dont know about you – but these questions come up out of nothing in almost every moment of my life. I am a Yoga teacher, but really I am just faking it, until I really make it 🙂 I am the eternal student – only short glimpses of bliss for me in this lifetime. I abandoned my search for enlightenment and celebrate being human. Like Walt Whitman said: “And as for me, I know of nothing else but miracles.”

Do you ever wonder about everyday life? Do you ever ask yourself where you really came from and why we happen? I do and have come across such amazing texts and documents that deal with the same questions. My personal, very subjective and not at all founded on any academic or spiritual ground – Top Five of Spiritual Teachers include:

1. Alan Watts (always is and always will be my Number One)
2. Douglas Harding (so practical this guy)
3. Papaji (the one and only – many followed his tradition, e.g. Mooji)
4. Jack Kornfield (his book “After the Extacy the Laundry” is so so helpful for anyone who thinks they reached samadhi and have to tell everyone about it 🙂
5. Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (you just have to admire the Japanese Zen traditions – so elegant and the epitomy of “simple but not easy”)