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This is a little extra clip from Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” webseries. This clip was not in the original Show that aired with Howard Stern. Jerry and Howard discuss how transcendental meditation affected their life and work.

I listen to the Howard Stern Show religiously – that being said, I don’t take religion serious 🙂 Stern is the “King of all Media” but most importantly the best interviewer in the business. I can recommend all his interviews. If you have enjoyed this one listen to Howard’s interview with Michael J. Fox – they discuss Parkinsons and fame, what matters in life – these conversations will touch you , I am sure of it. Start off with this interview with singer/songwriter Donovan – one of the first bohemians of the 60ies. He was a true student of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Like Howard Stern, Donovan is a true believer in Transcendental Meditation. He accompanied The Beatles to study with Sri Ramana Maharshi in India, where they meditated for hours in the jungle. Donovan has an amazing knowledge of his craft, aswell as the history of music – truly enlightening. Enjoy 🙂

Marc Maron WTF Podcast Phil Stutz Interview

Here is a link to the interview that comedian Marc Maron had with psychiatrist and author Phil Stutz. This is a really unusual interview for Maron – they talk a lot about Phil Stutz’s book “The Tools” – a great read and I recommend it to anyone who just can’t stop reading self-help books. This is a really really good one in that category. Stutz has been treating many creative people, like writers and actors – so for anyone suffering writer’s block this is a great interview 🙂 Also: The podcast is called “What The Fuck” – and for anyone who can’t handle a “fuck” here and there – this is probably not the interview for you. The rest, enjoy 🙂 And have A HAPPY NEW YEAR – which will hopefully not suck as much as this one 🙂 just kidding – not!

“An artist never works under ideal conditions, if they existed his work wouldn´t exist, for the artist doesn´t live in a vacuum. Some sort of pressure must exist; the artist exist because the world is not perfect. Art would be useless if the world were perfect as man wouldn´t look for harmony but would simply live in it”

Insights like the one in the quote above and especially about how we are troubled to deal with solitude. I have just watched his movie “Stalker” recently – not an easy one to watch, but there are many great scenes in it. This video is an excerpt from “Andrei Tarkovsky: A Poet in the Cinema” a great documentary. You can find the full doc on youtube.

Nobel Peace Price Laureat Desmond Tutu talks in this rare and funny interview about Forgiveness, Apartheid and about good and evil. Please watch also the other two parts to this interview.

PART 2–4