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Nobel Peace Price Laureat Desmond Tutu talks in this rare and funny interview about Forgiveness, Apartheid and about good and evil. Please watch also the other two parts to this interview.

PART 2–4

I have posted a video of Papaji holding Satsang and answering the question “Why was I born?”. Mooji is a student of Papaji and grew to be very popular in the West. In this Satsang he shares his secret on how to be nobody.

This talk is from 1992. If you do not know Swami Chinmayananda don’t be scared 🙂 He means well – his rethoric is just so passionate, real and honest.

This is the first part of a talk by Tony Parsons about what is. He speaks about the hidden but essential essence of Advaita and unadulterated non-dualism, out of which can arise a radically different perception of reality. If you are interested in more Tony Parsons check out his website

Dalai Lama on Twitter

As of today I am following the Dalai Lama on Twitter – I really enjoy his tweets. To follow HHDL (His Holiness the Dalai Lama) on Twitter go to

Wisdom tells me, I am nothing
Love tells me, I am everything.

In this conversation between Jack Kornfield and Ram Dass – they talk about the various facetts of enlightenment.

This is a really inspiring TED Talk by artist and musician Amanda Palmer – makes you think about our human connection and how to live a spiritual life and still be part of this global community.

You can find more videos on the official website

In this talk Jiddu Krishnamurti raises the following questions
– In meditation, what is the place of search? Can one bring about order without understanding disorder?

– Is control necessary for order? Why do we need control when there is understanding of “what is”?

The light always goes up!

Ryan Gossling likes Yoga Girls

I just found this great picture on my favorite Yoga blog – if you don’t know it -please check it out. Somehow this picture speaks to me 🙂 Guess I am not that enlightened afterall – if I fall for a gorgeous looking being that is cool with me wearing my Yoga pants all day – ahhh – a little eye-candy for your day

Dj Dave and Barney Kook bust some inspired rhymes dedicated to Yoga Girls all over the world.