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In this video Swami Dayananda talks about Self-Inquiry in a very deductive way – a very cerebral attempt, but if you can follow his argumentation or breaking down of self-perception it is actually mind-blowing. It is quite hard to understand the Indian English and especially … Read the rest of this entry »

Here is another lecture of Swami Tattvavidananda – I have already linked to one of his lecture series in a previous post called “Teachings by Swami Tattvavidananda“. This particular lecture speaks about what freedonm really is. We mistake choices for freedom. He also talks about the impulse of people to compare themselves with others and how we can use our mind to either climb up – or down and deeper into whatever keeps our mind busy.

Swami Tattvavidananda teaching on the scriptures as a basis to examine our own lives – this is only but the second class out of many available on youtube. If you are serious about your studies of the Vedanta scriptures Swami Tattvavidananda’s interpretation will offer some help and insights – enjoy. This lecture is also great to practice your Indian-English 🙂