Marc Maron WTF Podcast Phil Stutz Interview

Here is a link to the interview that comedian Marc Maron had with psychiatrist and author Phil Stutz. This is a really unusual interview for Maron – they talk a lot about Phil Stutz’s book “The Tools” – a great read and I recommend it to anyone who just can’t stop reading self-help books. This is a really really good one in that category. Stutz has been treating many creative people, like writers and actors – so for anyone suffering writer’s block this is a great interview 🙂 Also: The podcast is called “What The Fuck” – and for anyone who can’t handle a “fuck” here and there – this is probably not the interview for you. The rest, enjoy 🙂 And have A HAPPY NEW YEAR – which will hopefully not suck as much as this one 🙂 just kidding – not!